SIKT - We use collaboration & modern technology to achieve success!

We at Sikt work methodically to involve and together with customers identify what is to be achieved, whether it is problem solving or efficiency improvement. We use the technology and / or working method that is suitable for the task, it can be by automating and quality assuring through RPA (Robotive Process Automation), Chatbots or AI. Sometimes The technology is not the solution, it is the work processes that needs to be changed. The needs assessment is done through a process that works on both small and large challenges, ranging from within a department to national industry challenges.

AI Reports

Creating reports to explain the various techniques
within AI works and real use cases. One of the report
was produced from a social perspective on assignments
by one of Sweden's larger municipalities. The report states
how AI techniques, Chatbots and RPA can facilitate
citizens and employees.

RPA Strategies & Project Management

Development and implementation of strategies on how
and where RPA should be implemented.

CEO assignment

The main task has been to increase either establish
the company or increase its market shares. righting
or rewriting of business plan and renewal of processes.

National project management

National project management in ticket and payment systems.
The project produced a national standard for how mobile
tickets must be written and read

Government assignment

Strategic advice and mapping of important components before deregulation. Strategic advice and management to identify
and achieve industry-wide goals. SIKT has had government assignments in three different European countries.

Industry-owned companies

Analyzes and production of a national system that must be followed by authority.
“Nicklas at SIKT is easy to work with and has a great mix of theoretical knowledge
and practical experience. He is also very engaged, focused on the task and
delivers as agreed. He is easy to recommend.”

- Magnus Arnström Board member at Stockholm’s Sjötrafik AB